Fishing trip with skipper

Come along to get a real catch! It`s fun for family and friends. 

Our local skipper and guide brings you to the rich fishing fields, to catch unforgettable moments at sea. The boat has a warm cabin where you can enjoy a break with hot drinks and snacks. Due to season, you can catch a variety of species. Seithe, haddock, cod, skrei (the arctic cod only in winter), halibut and more. Getting it on your rod is a lot of fun. Let she skipper teach you how to cut and gutter the fish and to cut the cod tounges. If you are lucky you might even feed the eagle! 

We have packages for beginners, sportsfishing at sea (fullday) and we also customize on request. Boat and skipper is fully lisenced and rigged with all necessary equipment for your safety on board.

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