Hike to mount Segla, 639 masl

Foto: clairefromnorway

The hike to the iconig mount Segla is on many travellers bucketlist. The view from the top is wild!


The starting point is in the village Fjordgård (car park with fee) and this hike is well marked all the way to the top point at 639 masl. Along the way you will enjoy great view of many other mountains and the fjords. Be careful on your way up and down as the terrain is very loose. The view is breathtaking. If you dare, lie down and look more than 600 meters straight down to the sea. 
The hike takes 3-4 hours and is a bit challenging. Avoid this hike when the terrain is wet. 

You can combine this top with the hike to Hesten or Barden, lying on each side of Segla.