Hike to mount Husfjell, 635 masl

Foto: clairefromnorway

Including Sommardalen top point.

The hike to mount Husfjell starts right outside Skagi hotel. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. The hike is familyfriendly, yet gives you spectacular view.

On the same trail you will find a hut for the public at point Myran where you can rest. Further on is the small top point of Sommardalen (327 masl), which also gives wonderful view, despite the short distance. Now you will see the entire trail to Husfjell and from here you can only enjoy the rest of the hike. 

The top actually consists of two top points, of which one is at an edge, for those who are more experienced with heights. However, you will enjoy just as much when standing on the other top. 

Husfjell is also possible to hike during winter, on skies or snowshoes. Winter hiking is more riskful and it requires even more knowledge of snow conditions. Be very precausious. We recommend a local guide. 

The summer hike is great for families and takes 3-4 hours. Prepare for a proper mountain hike with clothes and equipment.

For more information, map, guides etc, contact the reception or host. 

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