The hosts

The ownership of Skagi are locals with good knowledge of wildlife, culture, nature and weather. We also know the importance of resting and refilling with the right energy, to be able to take full advantage of the day. 

Eli is owner and host. Born "in the middle of the island", from Sami heritage, she loves to to recharge her batteries outdoors. The Skagi team knows that you are here for experiencing our nature and we are thrilled whenever you get to get to see or do some of the things you have dreamed of. We aim to give you the support needed, in order to handle nature. We know the forces of nature and how powerful she can be. The people in Senja know exactly how dangerous nature can be, if you dont pay your respect. The hosts and also other locals you might meet along the way, will think of your safety and wellbeing and you should listen to their advice. 


The Senja and Dyrøy travel industry works together for a sustainable future and we need you to join our team. Respect the privacy of locals, use public facilities, respect and care for the nature, the wildlife, the culture and the people living here.

Use the nature but please leave as little footprint as possible.