At Skagi we believe that knowing our history is of great importance. We strongly believe that passing on knowledge to others, can help us getting a better future.

The name skagi is actually the old name of Skaland. Some decades ago,this place was named Skagaland, which came from the old norse word skagi which is a despription of the landscape, meaning headland. The word skagi excvist in icelandic language today, meaning peninsula.
Old books of local history, tell interesting facts of Skaland, as well of the rest of Senja. Settlements back to the period 800 to 1050 have been found here. Archeologists have found knifes, arrows and other that shows people lived here in the iron age and viking age. Hunters and trappers were also around.
Senja also have sami history and sami people living here today, and it is possible to get to know more of this story.
In the Skaland area there are also remains and historic elements from world war two.
The history of mining industry, which is an important part of the local economy even today, is shown in a small exibition close to Skagi.

As you can see, the Skaland area offers more than spectacular nature and landscapes.
If you have interest in learning more, let us know and we will help you.